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BizBoosting and GIDUMO have built a strategic Partnership to offer Disruptive Services in Digital Transformation.

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & BitCoins, Etherum & Smart-Contracts, Machine Learning and IoT/IoE are totally transforming the way we live, work, move, travel, but also do healthcare treatments like surgery and many others; most sectors will be affected.

In this competitive and fast moving environment, companies need to redefine their unique value proposition, established a differentiated customer experience and set an breakthrough model.

Partnering with BizBoosting & GIDUMO will help you accelerate your International development and address your strategic challenges with agility !

BizBoosting Missions

Intelligence Business Analysis

Discovering SMEs' realities and constraints for their future development

Innovative Growth

Disruptive scenarios with tailor-made solutions for SMEs' sustainable future

International Trading

Detection of international opportunities and sales operations

We have a unique approach, looking at your activities with new point of views, bringing innovative and fully integrated solutions with New Value Proposition Design Analysis of your products & services. 

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will reshape entirely the way we work and exchange with others. BizBoosting & Partners can accompany you in this new path to the future. 

Going to ASIA

Asian countries for Business Entrepreneurs

The current economic trend is favouring Asian countries for Entrepreneurs, with long-term Vision & Strategy in APAC region, where more than 60% of World population is located. We provide tailor-made solutions and services for our customers in order to fit with your Vision and local customers’ expectations.

Going to Asia is the guarantee that you will find more opportunities and dynamism than in  Western countries in general, with many economies having more performed in the past decades than most of the rest of the World. Nowadays, Asia is the place to be, where you find nearly 2/3 of the World population, with a fast growing middle-class having tremendous needs.

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Our Services 

Tailor-made solutions

  • Business Development in Asia
  • Meetings with partners or customers
  • Local Corporate & Managers profiling
  • Setup Swiss local representative
  • Study of general and specific legal framework
  • Factory setup and production in the country
  • Assistance with local authorities (ie. tax benefits, States subventions)
  • Business Support with Senior Experts
  • Operations
BizBoosting Geneva
Heart of Europe
750 Mio inhabitants

Our mission is to accompany Asian SME to enter the Swiss market, ideal door for Europe at very attractive conditions.

BizBoosting is helping SMEs to benefit from a network of personal relations in Switzerland and Europe, with specialists, businessmen, politicians and also people who are familiar with the administrations and corporate taxation, in order to maximize government incentives.

Swiss Economy Benefits
  • Strong economy and currency
  • Low Value Added Tax (VAT) as Hub for EU Zone
  • Liberal tax system and labor market
  • Efficient and reliable administration
  • Outstanding infrastructure
  • Important Financial center
  • Free-Trade Agreement with several countries (ie China)
  • Head office of multinational firms
  • High education and innovation level
  • High quality of life
  • Central location in Europe
  • Political and financial stability
  • Excellent public infrastructure
  • High productivity
  • Innovative country with high spend on R&D and technology
  • Purchasing power amongst the world’s highest
  • Reliable business, legal and regulatory environment


 Performance in
  • Innovation
  • Data Center (high-level expertise)
  • R&D
  • Partnership on project basis
  • Setting incubators for ICT
  • Best in watches (design, making)
  • Best in pharma
About Us

BizBoosting Management

Serge Rossel +4176 445 1025

Asia and Switzerland

We are two entities, one in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and another one in Switzerland (Lake Geneva). 

Swiss – ASEAN Director: based in Switzerland and also in Malaysia, will follow-up your projects in both regions with his Partners.

Swiss Director: based in lake Geneva area, will take care of your ventures in Switzerland and Europe.

BizBoosting Partners
Logo GIDUMO Square Blue

GIDUMO, based in various European locations, helps any type of organization in their Transformation journey and their innovative Projects in a sustainable and value-driven approach.

GIDUMO also helps organization to get funds from European Commission (ex: H2020, COSME, LIFE…).

GIDUMO is accredited partner of IDP (firm based in Bruxelles registered at European Commission):

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